We Have Alot of Online Only Friends In The ArkLaTex

 There’s been a lot of talk about metaverses, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.  But for now, we’re just REAL people . . . who live in a REAL world . . . who spend a TON of time online.

But . . . we ARE connecting with other real people who we don’t know. I mean think of how many people you talk to on Facebook or TikTok that you may consider a friend and have never met in person.

In a new poll, a whopping 50% of residents in the Shreveport area say they have a friendship that’s entirely online . . . meaning that they met this person online, communicate with them there, and have never met them in person.

It’s more common for Gen Z (68%) and Millennials (61%) in the Shreveport area . . . but 40% of Gen X and even 27% of Boomers have at least one online friendship in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas.

When asked how those friendships compare, 26% of people say online friendships are “equally meaningful” to those that exist in real life.  38% say they are less meaningful, but 13% say they’re MORE meaningful.

Younger adults were FAR more likely to consider online friendships more meaningful.  25% of Gen Z said that was true, while just 2% of Boomers agreed.


The Bossier Night Market returns this Saturday to the Shreveport Area!

The Bossier Night Market returns this Saturday to the Shreveport Area!

Louisiana’s First & Only Night Market Is back – The Bossier Night Market! 200+ Vendors and 13 Food Trucks to shop from, with over 75,000+ Twinkling Lights in an open air, outdoor environment. Free Admission and Free Parking AND The Largest Outdoor Vendor Event in the UNITED STATES! FIREWORKS at 9PM! Market Goods, 13 FOOD…

Another Shreveport Restaurant Has Closed Its Doors

Another Shreveport Restaurant Has Closed Its Doors

This sucks — I really enjoyed eating there… and I also hate to see another locally owned business in the Shreveport-Bossier area close their doors. Line Ave. Pie and Brew Co posted this, this morning on their social media.