Alot of People in the Shreveport Aren’t Very Confident.. Here’s How To Fix That!

Turns out alot of us in the Shreveport are lacking the same thing — confidence! And experts say there’s a easy way to fix that! Basically, fake it till you make it!

A new poll found the average Shreveport resident feels insecure five times a day.  But half of people who pretend to be confident say it actually MAKES them more confident.  A third overall said it’s something they do a lot.

The top things that can shake our confidence on a typical day include speaking in front of a large group . . . not being fully prepared for something . . . and being the last person to show up for a meeting.

The top jobs we associate with confidence are doctors and nurses . . . members of the military . . . people in business . . . politicians . . . and athletes.

And finally:  The poll also looked at the top traits we admire in confident people.  The top five are being knowledgeable . . . kind . . . decisive . . . authoritative . . . and fearless.

(Photo Credits: CANVAPRO)


The Bossier Night Market returns this Saturday to the Shreveport Area!

The Bossier Night Market returns this Saturday to the Shreveport Area!

Louisiana’s First & Only Night Market Is back – The Bossier Night Market! 200+ Vendors and 13 Food Trucks to shop from, with over 75,000+ Twinkling Lights in an open air, outdoor environment. Free Admission and Free Parking AND The Largest Outdoor Vendor Event in the UNITED STATES! FIREWORKS at 9PM! Market Goods, 13 FOOD…