Shreveport TikTok Life Hack: Make Pasta Stir Itself


I always love to see things that are trending on TikTok in the Shreveport area. Is this person a genius, or has anyone else ever tried this?

Some guy has been trending on TikTok in Shreveport and the ArkLaTex after he came up with a hack to make pasta stir ITSELF while it’s being cooked.

If you don’t stir it, it clumps together.  But you don’t want to stand over it.  So here’s the hack . . .

Turn the burner up to high, but only put half of the pot on it.  In other words, it’s off to one side, not centered on the burner.

He does it in the video, and it makes that side of the pot boil a lot harder than the other side.  So the macaroni he’s cooking gets rolled around by the boiling water, and he doesn’t have to stir at all.

@cranberryraisin Feel free to yell at me in the comments 🙂 #chef #chefsoftiktok #cooking #pasta #lifehack #thinksmarternotharder #forme ♬ original sound – Raphael

Some people think it’s great.  Others pointed out that you can get away with only stirring pasta once, right after you put it in the water.  So it might just take longer to cook and not be worth it


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The Bossier Night Market returns this Saturday to the Shreveport Area!

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