Another Odd Boom Heard in Shreveport’s Broadmoor Neighborhood

You may remember reading about an odd rumbling sound booming through Shreveport a couple of weeks ago. This morning, another loud and extremely unsettling sound has residents talking.

Now before we dive in, let me say that I live in Broadmoor, and am active within the Broadmoor neighborhood Facebook group. If this loud boom was heard elsewhere, I apologize, I have only seen it discussed in the Broadmoor area.

Moving on… Several weeks ago, I wrote about an odd rumbling noise heard from my home as the sun began to rise. I quickly went to Facebook and sure enough, everyone was talking about it. However, the answer as to what was causing that noise was pointed out quickly, that being a nearby fracking operation.

The sound from today was much, much different. As I was sitting at home just before noon, there was the loudest BOOM you could imagine. It sounded far away, but also sounded like it was on my roof. It was a very odd experience. It only happened once, and as I did last time, I quickly went to Facebook. Minutes after the boom, a Facebook thread had already begun asking “What the He** was that noise??”

Unlike last time, of the hundreds of comments, no one seemed to know what the sound was. The majority of residents imagined it was something going on at Barksdale, some guessed it was related to the nearby fracking location, and one user said a tree had fallen down. I can definitely rule out one of those three guesses, as I can assure you, this was no tree.

So, did you hear that loud boom as well? If so, what do you think it was?


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The Bossier Night Market returns this Saturday to the Shreveport Area!

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