Baton Rouge Police on the Hunt for Student’s Murderer

The tragic murder of an LSU student in Baton Rouge has shook our entire state this week. Baton Rouge police now look to the public for help to bring the killer to justice.

Early this morning, Friday, September 16th, an LSU senior was found dead in her car near the downtown area of Baton Rouge. Officials say she suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Her body and car were found by local police Government Street near the railroad tracks.

Baton Rouge Police Sergeant L’Jean McKneely, says, “We don’t have much on this particular shooting. We’re going to rely heavily on the community to assist us, along with evidence that we’re collecting.”

The local officials identified the victim as 21-year-old Allison Rice from Ascension Parish Parish.

Following the horrific event, LSU released a statement, which you can find below.

The LSU community is saddened to hear of senior Allison Rice being killed overnight. Her family and friends are in our thoughts, and we encourage anyone who may have more information about this crime to contact Baton Rouge Police.

Any of her friends and classmates that would like to speak with someone about this or needs help processing this loss can contact the Mental Health Service in the Student Health Center (225-578-8774).

If you or anyone you know may have information that can help the investigators in this case, please call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP.


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