Are These First Date “Icks” Bad Enough to Cancel a Second Date?

There’s a new poll online on FIRST DATE deal-breakers . . . and it asks if any of them are bad enough to immediately eliminate the chance of a second date.  It calls them “first date icks.”  (???)  Here are the worst ones . . . the ones that got the most votes:

81% of people said it’s the last date if they chew with their mouth open.

79% said it’s a no-no if they order for you, without your permission.

57% said they’re done if the date keeps saying “teehee” every time you say something mildly funny.  (This is #1 for me.  You can be talking with food falling out of your mouth and it wouldn’t be as bad as someone saying “teehee” every time I’m funny.  Which is often.)

56% said they’re shutting it down if they mention an ex multiple times.

52% said it’s a no-no if they can’t stop making sexual jokes and innuendos.

50% said it’s over if they call themselves a “professional cuddler.”

49% said it’s a no if they call the waitress “m’lady.”  (I assume the same goes for calling a waiter, “m’lord” . . . as if you’re a character on “Game of Thrones.”)

( has the full list, with all the poll results.)


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