Here are the celebs who will compete for charity on ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’

Twenty years after ABC’s “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” with Regis Philbin introduced “phone-a-friend” into the American lexicon, the television quiz show returns tonight with a new host and celebrity contestants.

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel will star in the special anniversary edition, asking questions to other celebrities with winnings going to the charity of their choice.

Kimmel will be sure to crack jokes with the stars as he tests their trivia knowledge. He didn’t wait for the show to air: In a statement Kimmel said Philbin came to him in a dream and asked him to do the show with the promise of his own necktie collection.

“I had little choice but to say yes,” Kimmel said.

The show’s comeback consists of eight hour long prime time episodes.

Famous faces scheduled to compete include Dr. Phil, actress and activist Jane Fonda, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, comedian Nikki Glaser, and actors Anthony Anderson, Will Forte, and Eric Stonestreet.

The show will use the same format with a few changes involving who can help the contestant answer questions. Each player will be permitted to invite a guest, whether a relative or expert on any subject, to help them. This edition also will be interactive. Viewers will be able to use an app to compete for the same reward money as the celebrities.

Wednesday night’s show, featuring Stonestreet and Forte, airs at 10 pm eastern time. And that’s the final answer.


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