A Bride Needed a New Wedding Dress, Because Her Grandmother Was Accidentally Buried in Hers

A bride needed a new wedding dress just a few months before her wedding.  And because of the alterations and customizations, that is NOT ideal.  But the only alternative was . . . EXHUMING GRANDMA.

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The owner of a bridal shop in Chicago told the story on TikTok.  She said the GROOM called her in a panic and said he needed to reorder his bride-to-be’s dress.  She was confused, but eventually she figured out why.

The bride’s mother kept the dress in her closet for safekeeping.  But sadly, HER mother . . . the bride’s grandmother . . . passed away and she wanted to be buried in her wedding gown from back in the day.

That dress was also being kept in the closet . . . and when the family went in the closet to get grandma’s dress, they accidentally grabbed the granddaughter’s dress instead, which was a huge, HUGE goof.  That dress cost $2,300.

It was a closed casket, so it took a few weeks for the family to figure out what happened.  Thankfully, it all worked out.  They didn’t have time to get the exact dress again . . . but the bride was okay with picking a new one.

Some commenters suggested the bride could’ve worn her grandma’s dress as a tribute.  Which sounds sweet, but we don’t know what grandma’s dress looks like. 


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