The Rock Sent a Video and Some Cool Gifts to Kids with Disabilities in Ohio

how many different ways can THE ROCK prove that he’s one of the most amazing human beings on Earth?

The Parma City School District in Ohio has a program called P.A.C.T.S., that helps teach employment and life skills to students with multiple disabilities.

They were bringing back their annual luau for the first time since COVID, and they made a video asking The Rock to attend.  Well, he saw the video, but he couldn’t make it.  So he sent a video of his own that was played during the event.

It was a huge hit, obviously, but that’s not where it ended.  After the event, The Rock sent an awesome gift package to each kid.  It included sneakers and athletic wear, plus an Xbox . . . yes, for each kid . . . with a special adaptive controller and unlimited game downloads for a YEAR.

And he threw them a pizza party.  Because he’s that damn cool.


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