It’s National Eat What You Want Day! What’s the Trashiest Food You Love?

 It’s National Eat What You Want Day!  A poll a while back found the top foods we’d eat more of if there were no consequences are pizza, pasta, burgers, ice cream, and tacos.

But let’s drill down a little more with another question:  What’s the TRASHIEST food you can’t resist?  Someone asked people on Reddit.  Here are a few popular answers . . .

1.  Gas station hot dogs.  Or anything they sell hot at 7-Eleven.

2.  Ramen noodles.  The kind that come in a pouch and cost 50 cents.

3.  American “cheese” slices.

4.  Boxed macaroni and cheese.

5.  Pop Tarts.  Extra props if you don’t even bother toasting them.

6.  Marie Callender’s frozen pot pies.

7.  Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.

8.  Lots of cheap meats got mentions, including boloney, Slim Jims, and Spam.

9.  Bagel Bites.  Also, Totino’s Pizza Rolls and Hot Pockets.

10.  Everything on the menu at Taco Bell. 


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