A Guy Built a First Date Around a Woman’s Survey Answers

Is this fun and clever, or just weird?  A 26-year-old in Canada named Katrina Froese went on a first date with a guy last month.  And before they went out, he sent her a SURVEY to make sure he planned a date she’d actually enjoy.

His name is Graham McCarthy, and he’s 29.  Questions included things like what she wanted to do, with options like “dinner and a movie” . . . hiking . . . or ice skating.  She picked dinner and a movie.


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He also asked what kind of food she likes . . . if she had any dietary restrictions . . . what time she wanted to eat . . . and how, quote, “fancy-schmancy” she wanted to get with it.  Options on that one ranged from very formal to “basically pajamas.”  She chose “everyday casual.”

Once she took the survey, he texted her a formal invitation with details about the date, listing the restaurant, and the movie they agreed to see.  Then after the date, he sent her an optional “exit survey,” so she could rate the date . . . and rate HIM.

Questions included how awkward or charming he was . . . and a jokey one that asked if she experienced any negative symptoms during the date, like nausea, butterflies, foot pain, and “loss of taste or smell.”  (???)

She didn’t reveal all her answers, but said the date itself was “lovely.”  And he must have done something right, because they’re dating now. 


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