We Use Emoji’s.. ALOT!

We’re getting closer and closer to the day where we ONLY communicate in emojis

The website Emojipedia just released its data on the emoji trends of 2020, and here are some of the highlights . . .


1.  One in five messages now contains at least one emoji.

2.  The most popular emoji of the year was the “face crying tears of joy” . . . but it JUST slightly beat out the “loudly crying face,” which is the one with the open mouth and basically two walls of tears coming out.

3.  The emojis that saw the biggest jump in use in 2020 were the yawning face . . . pinching fingers . . . otter . . . shopping cart . . . and microbe.  Other emojis that saw a notable jump were the clown face . . . face with medical mask . . . and raised fist.

4.  Some of the emojis that saw the biggest drops in 2020 were ones related to travel, like the airplane . . . and ones related to sports, like the soccer ball, baseball, and basketball.


Wait, We’ve All Been Pronouncing “BMW” Wrong Our Entire Lives?

Wait, We’ve All Been Pronouncing “BMW” Wrong Our Entire Lives?

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